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Strategic Advisory & Consulting

Providing insightful, in-depth advice and connectivity across the capital markets

Strategic Advice

Skyhawk advises private real estate operators and developers, Investment Managers, REITs and Boards of Directors in regards to business strategy, growth and/or liquidity alternatives and value maximizing strategies

Investor & Capital Strategies

Skyhawk evaluates capital raising strategies and structures to meet liquidity needs and broader growth objectives. This often includes expanding relationships with LPs, Co-GPs and other market constituents

Growth Initiatives

Skyhawk assists clients in formulating and analyzing business plans and asessing growth initiatives broadly

Strategic Advisory

Skyhawk provides advice to private developers and operators, investors and REITs across a broad range of strategic matters including capital raising strategies, maximizing company value and meeting other long-term objectives. MORE

Private Capital Raising

Skyhawk helps real estate companies access, structure and raise capital that furthers their strategic growth and liquidity objectives, including joint ventures, recapitalizations and entity-level investments. MORE

Special Projects / M&A

Skyhawk provides companies the ability to outsource special projects and M&A-oriented transactions that require sharp and intense focus and a broad, specialized skill set. MORE